Survivor season 35: 5 players we’d like to see play again

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While the length of time it will take (or what we want) for a returnee season, these five Survivor season 35 players are on the top of our list.

If there is an underlying positivity that most fans have about Survivor season 35, it’s that its cast was filled with interesting, dynamic characters of different walks of life. And things like that. Whether it’s a Marine, a bellhop, an actuary, a urologist or a wilderness therapy instructor, this season was a melting pot of different personalities and walks of life, all presenting different ways of trying to make it to the end.

While many are divided on how the season ended, needless to say, there were plenty of lovely players that, with the experience of playing the game once, would do well in a second season. We’re not here to suggest who we think who would win if they came back to Survivor, but this list will cover five players from this season we’d like to see back on the show for various reasons.

Whether it’s because they were a r.obbed g.oddess or if their great gameplay was overshadowed by one misstep, here are five Survivor season 35 players we’d like to see make a return to the game.

Ali Elliott Survivor season 35

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Ali Elliott

One of my ongoing theories about Survivor season 35 coverage of players was that those who didn’t matter in the long run of the season’s plot got buried by the edit. While that remained mostly true, Ali Elliott seemed to get a lot more personal content throughout the entire pre-merge journey she took, with viewers often getting insight into her strategy, struggles and accomplishments in the game.

She’s smart, funny and very strategic, managing to make great read after great read and even decided to vote out her closest ally from her Auburn days. She’s cutthroat but makes sure to act as such with a smile, maintaining an excellent social strategy that works in nine seasons out of ten. Her only problem; she went against Chrissy and Ryan, who had a secret, unknowable bond through a secret advantage nobody but they (and Devon) knew about.

Ali Elliott is the kind of Survivor season 35 returning player that can make it on any kind of returnee season, sans All-Winners, of course.

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