Report: Survivor season 38’s rumored theme lasts 85% of the game

What may be the worst twist ever conceived, Survivor season 38’s reported season-long twist lasts all the way through to almost the end of the game.

I mentioned a noteworthy fact earlier this week; Survivor has received zero nominations for the 2018 Emmys. I posited that it was indicative of the level of quality headed into the game’s production, considering how twist-heavy the game has become and will continue to be headed into David vs. Goliath.

It also seemed as though there was something amiss with the executive decision-making level of Survivor production in 2018 in the past month, as the long-time casting director, Lynne Spillman, did not have her contract renewed following the casting cycle for the upcoming seasons of the show. If the recent report concerning the season 38’s theme is accurate, it may be a systemic issue from top to bottom.

Martin Holmes of Inside Survivor has updated his initial report on Survivor season 38 of the show, (which recently wrapped filming), revealing more concrete details of just how long the season’s theme and twist will run through the game.

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Should this report be true, it would be a catastrophically different game than what we’re used to. It completely destroys the nature of the game, too, as the number of players still left in the game beyond certain points in the season is ridiculous.

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To me, it gives Survivor the veil of insecurity, posturing and wild nature of someone entering a midlife crisis, trying to shake things up and favor BIG MOVEZ instead of, you know, social dynamics, smart gameplay and strategic tactics. If this report is true, it could be a marvelous trainwreck at best or the most egregious affront to the show we’ve ever seen at worst.