Report: Survivor season 38’s 11th castaway revealed

We are now down to 11 of 18 castaways set to compete in the next season of Survivor, as the resident insider has revealed another player for season 38.

Perhaps due to the TMZ-related reporting going on with Survivor‘s 37th season, we might be in the middle of the biggest drought of upcoming cast information we’ve seen in a long time. It’s been more than a month since Survivor season 38 has ended filming yet before today, only the four returning captains and six of the fourteen new players were identified.

Thankfully, we’re starting to see the cracks in the foundation leak, revealing more of these new players. As reported by Martin Holmes of Inside Survivor, the 11th player of the cast’s 18 players has been revealed.

So far, only two of the newest players for Survivor season 38 are older than the youngest of the returnees. The oldest woman revealed so far is just 32 years old, although there are four more still in hiding. Something we’ve also learned since the first ten were revealed is that about a popular teacher and motivational speaker, commanding an audience far earlier than competing on the show.

There’s going to be a lot of talk about the future seasons of this show, especially considering just how long this offseason has felt. One thing’s for certain; the more seasons with fewer than 20 players, the better, as it allows for a more engaging story of the entire tribes regardless of the number and length of episodes the show chooses to use.

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We’re still months away from the debut of Survivor’s 38th season, and casting has already opened up for season 39 and 40. There’s a lot of this show left in the tank, and with David vs. Goliath’s cast being officially revealed in less than a month, the time for the full cast leak will come eventually.