Worst twists in Survivor history

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Photo: Robert Voets/CBS Entertainment ©2020 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved /
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 Worst Twists in Survivor History – Number 1: Haves vs Have Nots

  • First Appearance: Fiji (Season 14, 2007)

Here we are, folks – The worst twist in Survivor history and is anyone surprised to see that it’s the Haves vs Have Nots twist from Survivor: Fiji? Because you shouldn’t be.

Fiji started off with the 19 contestants (yes, 19) all stranded on one beach and working together to build a really nice, out of this world shelter. Seriously, this shelter had everything imaginable and was a paradise.

Once the shelter was completed, Jeff Probst finally rolled up and told the castaways that they’d be divided into tribes (via schoolyard pick). Whichever tribe won the challenge would win the beach with the awesome shelter and all of the fix’ns while the losers would go to a new island that had absolutely NOTHING.

Sounds totally fair, right? (Sarcasm)

Well, in a not-so-shocking turn of events, the Ravu tribe – the “Have Nots” – lost every single challenge except for one (a reward challenge on Day 18). They were weak due to the lack of food and water while the rival Moto tribe had food, water, and a luxurious shelter.

Of course Moto was going to be the better tribe – They had everything!

I’m not sure why production thought this was a good idea for a twist. Who would have thought that the tribe with nothing would go on to lose almost every single challenge and the tribe with everything would steamroll them? Also – The show is called Survivor and the Moto tribe wasn’t surviving at all, but rather thriving (as Boo Bernis even said in an episode).

To this day, the Haves vs Have Nots is still far and away the worst twist in Survivor history and thankfully it has not returned.