Most memorable moments from Survivor: One World

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Immunity Necklace Survivor Winners at War episode 8

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Manono volunteering to go to tribal council

This was a real thing that happened!

After the Manono tribe (the men) won immunity on Day 11, Colton Cumbie had hit his breaking point with fellow team mate Bill Posley, who he had been bickering with since the beginning of the game.

Colton wanted Bill gone and the rest of his alliance wanted to target Leif Manson for his “betrayal” a few days before. Well, in order to get his way, Colton had to convince his tribe to give up immunity and go to tribal council so they could make things right.

There’s no way they agreed to this, right?

WRONG. They agreed to it and the look on Jeff Probst’s face when the Manono tribe entered tribal council that night was priceless. This moment in One World was when it became pretty clear that a man wasn’t winning this season.

Post-Swap Ugliness

A lot of what One World is remembered for is the bullying that took place after the tribe swap occurred. The swapped tribes were definitely lopsided, with most of the physically fit and athletic players on the new Salani tribe while everyone else was on the new Manono tribe.

Well, Colton was on the Manono tribe and was not pleased about it. He at least got to be on a tribe with his buddy Alicia Rosa and the two immediately became the bullies around camp, zeroing in on Christina Cha as their target. The way these two treated Christina was really tough to watch and put a huge dark cloud over the season.

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