Survivor Game Changers Cast Assessment: Andrea Boehlke

Photo: Robert Voets/CBS ©2017 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved.
Photo: Robert Voets/CBS ©2017 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved. /

She has spent 70 days over two seasons; each time part of the “Stealth R Us” alliance. For Survivor Game Changers, Andrea Boehlke is on her own.

Andrea Boehlke is a complex Survivor player because she fits into so many archetypes. She’s won four individual challenge wins, including two immunity challenges, and has battled victoriously through Redemption Island to be the first female returnee. She’s recognized as a social threat, having received 22 votes over 70 days of play. She even uses her appealing personality to woo men into core alliances, although she can cut them off at any time to focus on the game.

So far, judging by both Survivor Redemption Island and Survivor Caramoan, she has all the individual qualities to make a convincing champion of the game. Unfortunately, each of these qualities hasn’t fired off at the same time, and she’s had overpowered opponents such as Boston Rob and one of two Survivor perfect game winners, John Cochran, to contend with.

Having never played in a full newbie cast, Andrea Boehlke has a huge uphill battle ahead going into Survivor Game Changers. In a season full of challenge beasts, potential groups of partnerships through shared seasons, and strong new players that none of the cast knows about, Andrea has the distinction of gleaning a bit of info about a fair deal of them through her job at People Now.

Being at the position for more than a year, she’s gained experience talking to celebrities, entertainment icons, and even castaways from Survivor Kaoh Rong that will make their way back into Survivor Game Changers this season.

It has only increased the strength of her social game, something that others who do their research will take note of. She also has somewhat of an enemy as her only connection to this season’s cast, as Andrea Boehlke and Malcolm Freberg (placed on different tribes) squared off as part of Survivor Caramoan. 

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Whereas returnee seasons seems to be all about getting rid of the players with the huge targets through voting blocs, not so much core alliances seen to the end, Andrea will have to scramble early to find the right group to work with. I wouldn’t be surprised if she came to Zeke Smith, Sierra Dawn Thomas, and Ozzy Lusth to create an initial alliance.

Andrea is a smart player in terms of picking out alliances, so it makes sense for her to go with loyal players like Sierra and Ozzy who show commitment to their groups. Grabbing Zeke off the bat will also help her try to bring the unknown commodity under her wing, making it easier to attempt to control a group by hiding behind strong and socially-forward players to avoid getting voted out.

However, she may approach Survivor Game Changers taking who she knows best. Tai Trang and Debbie Wanner have been interviewed by Andrea on her Nuku tribe, and she has interviewed Caleb Reynolds on the Mana tribe. Considering that Jeff likes to swap around the tribes early on, I can see familiarity being a key to who she wants to work with.

Out of anyone in the Survivor Game Changers cast, Andrea Boehlke is the most dynamic and flexible of the bunch. However, her paranoia has become a huge issue in the past, trying to get others in her alliance to change votes hours and minutes before heading to tribal council.

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If she can get this aspect of her game under control, I believe Andrea will be able to make friends and influence people on a higher level than that of known strategic players (thanks to the huge targets on their backs). Andrea will likely end her season in one of two ways; out early, or going deep in the game. How it will end is up to her.