Survivor Game Changers Players Have Questions About The Cast

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While some of us may have been politely questioning the casting choices for Survivor Game Changers, the castaways have some questions of their own.

Returnee seasons of Survivor tend to be typically more ego-driven due to the star factor involved. Survivor Game Changers castaways have been candid so far in their pre-game interviews, but Entertainment Weekly has taken things one stepped further by getting straight to the point; asking the castaways who they are surprised to see on this season.

Some were diplomatic in their answers, highlighting that the production crew and Jeff Probst, himself, know way more about the game than they do as players. The most surprising response along these lines comes from Survivor Cagayan winner Tony Vlachos who, while admitting he can’t remember them, notes, “They’re great players, and that’s why they’re back again.”

Others may have been putting other Survivor Game Changers question marks slightly down while defending themselves, even while putting themselves in that box. Sarah knows she’s in that position, but thinks it’s foolish to think her, Sierra, Hali, and others are in this cast by mistake. Aubry was the most eloquent, noting that she’s not surprised about anyone because they each bring their own quality to the game. Varner agrees, commenting he did his game-changing back in Season 2.

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Those players are part of the outliers, however, as most everyone on Survivor Game Changers were slagging each other off. It’s still pre-season, but the idea that Sandra and Tony aren’t game changers to Caleb, so many people question why Cirie is here, and why only Sandra is outwardly questioning why the newcomers were brought back (for this segment, specifically).

We can question all the live long day why some are here and some aren’t here (Hali admitting she doesn’t know why she’s here is a refreshing piece of humble pie), but in all honesty, Survivor Game Changers is just a name. Not to go all Jeff Probst Defense Force, but I do believe that each player is capable of making the moves necessary to get into the final tribal council.

The reason they’re brought there, however, remains up for debate. I can’t see Caleb making it there without either being a goat or in making friends with the jury. I can’t see Hali making it far unless she’s used her skills as a lawyer and her under-the-radar status to disguise her threat level. I can’t see Sierra hiding under the radar because look how tall she is!

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Survivor Game Changers will put all these questions to rest in one week’s time with a two-hour episode, “The Stakes Have Been Raised,” premiering on March 8 at 8 PM ET.