Survivor Game Changers: Zeke Responds To Episode 7 Tribal Council

Zeke Smith played an unfortunately central role in Survivor Game Changers episode 7’s Tribal Council and responded after it aired

Survivor Game Changers episode 7 was one of the most uncomfortable and disconcerting in the show’s history. That, of course, all stems from the events at Tribal Council. Specifically, it comes down to the unfortunate things that were said by Jeff Varner to Zeke Smith.

With the Nuku Tribe at Tribal Council, Varner was the most likely candidate to go home. He knew this as well and promised that he wouldn’t go out without a fight. In trying to save himself and play all of his cards, however, he crossed the line. When trying to prove that Zeke wasn’t who the rest of the tribe thought he was, Varner outed him as transgender.

For those unaware and even those aware, that’s something that’s deeply personal and that should always be Zeke or any other LGBTQ person’s decision. So for Varner to not only out him to the five other members of Nuku, but do so on a TV show such as Survivor Game Changers, it was a despicable choice on Varner’s part.

Obviously this caused a massive uproar as the rest of the tribe all came to Zeke’s defense, lambasting Varner for what he’d done. Throughout it all, though, Zeke himself handled the moment with incredible class and poise. He was shocked and stoic, naturally, at first. However, he then changed his tone to saying he hoped maybe the moment would help someone out in the world that saw it.

After the episode had concluded, Zeke then took to Twitter to offer brief thoughts. His poise, class and caring spirit continued to shine through:

Even in the midst of a such an intensely emotional situation, though, Zeke still found a way to inject a bit of humor:

Once Varner realized the magnitude of his actions, it was already too late — even if he was both contrite and distraught over what he’d done. He was sent home without a vote even being taken and, in his final words, continued to be a wreck over what he’d done as the gravity of it all sunk in further.

As for Zeke, it’s hard not to admire the strength that he showed throughout this entire situation. Both immediately at Tribal Council and after the fact with his response, he’s pretty clearly a rock star.