Survivor Game Changers: Former players react to episode 11

How did former castaways react from start-to-finish to Survivor Game Changers episode 11 with another blindside at the end?

SPOILER WARNING: Just to be safe, spoilers for Survivor Game Changers episode 11 lie ahead.

Two consecutive blindsides at Tribal Council paved the road to Survivor Game Changers episode 11. First it was Ozzy getting hit in the back of the head and sent to the jury without warning. Then came Debbie — feeling a bit of karma for orchestrating Ozzy’s — getting the raw end of a blindside.

Given that, we should have known that this deep in the game, anything was possible. If there were any alliances, they were proving to be weaker by the day. And by the end of Survivor Game Changers for a full recap of episode 11, we’ve got you covered hereepisode 11, almost every previous alliance was a distant memory. Let’s see what former players had to say throughout the evening’s episode ().

It took a total of zero seconds for Survivor Game Changers episode 11 to get dicey. As the tribe sat in disbelief over Debbie being blindsided. More specifically, they were confused as to who flipped to be the decisive vote to send her home. Sarah, however, had no problem owning her move, which was enjoyed:

What was interesting about the episode is how quickly they got into the reward challenge. It was the first thing after the opening commercial break. And the reward was a nice one: a feast and then a luxurious night’s sleep in a bed. The challenge, however, was a famous one with the 30 tiles. Here’s what everyone had to say:

After Aubry, Brad, Zeke, Andrea and Sarah went on reward, though, the scheming began. Cirie and Andrea expressed their distrust for Zeke and wanted to get him out. However, when they approached Sarah about the idea, she wasn’t in favor. They did hash everything out, though, and Sarah told the veteran player about her advantage to be able to switch someone’s vote. Meanwhile, Zeke was planning big moves of his own and trying to gain trust:

All of the gaming and strategizing made way for the Immunity Challenge. The famed domino challenge and stepping into the squares was on the docket. Andrea absolutely dominated with relative ease, impressing most:

Andrea now immune, the gaming got going once again back at camp. Cirie and Andrea started scheming regarding taking Zeke out once again. Sierra tried to get on that vote, but was basically shunned as another possible target. Michaela, on the other hand, didn’t think that voting out Zeke would be the right move. Everyone was confident in their own plan, though. And when everyone’s confident, no one’s safe:

Tribal Council was next up and, in comparison to others, there wasn’t a great deal of drama. It was clear that some were planning Zeke, others Sierra, and perhaps someone else. As to what the final verdict would be, though, no one knew:

In the end, it was Zeke that was sent home as they stuck with the plan of Cirie and Andrea and sent him home as the fourth member of the jury:

Following the vote, though, Debbie from her jury seat gave perhaps the best line of the season to date (besides the unintentional comedy from herself):

Down to nine castaways, Survivor Game Changers returns next week on Wednesday, May 10 at 8:00 p.m. ET with the loved-ones visit on the line.