Former players react to Survivor Game Changers episode 13

With a double-elimination and two unpredictable Tribal Councils, former players had plenty to say on Survivor Game Changers episode 13.

Survivor Game Changers episode 13 always had huge potential in terms of going wild as a whole. After all, whenever you’re down to eight people with as many advantages are left in the game and are in an episode with two eliminations, the potential for madness is going to be there.

In the previous Tribal Council, Sierra Dawn-Thomas was voted out after Sarah played her like a fiddle. She flipped on her, but also managed to connive her way into getting the Legacy Advantage left to her. What’s more, though, she also raised suspicion about her in a big way. That’s never a good thing at this point in the game. And it didn’t take long into Survivor Game Changers episode 13 for people to take notice.

Right out of the gate coming after Sarah had turned the tables on Sierra to get her voted out, there was suspicion about the cop who’s playing like a criminal and will definitely notice your expired registration tag. Most notably, that suspicion (and thus plotting) came from Andrea and Cirie. However, Sarah had no love lost for Andrea either.

The first Immunity Challenge started early, a classic with the balance in addition to building the card tower. However, it looked like light work for Aubry who shattered the previous record for the challenge by winning in six minutes.

Following Aubry earning her safety at Tribal Council, attention turned to voting out Brad. However, Michaela wasn’t about that and told Mr. Culpepper to “Go Fish,” in easily the best moment of the night (implying to go fishing for a way to survive).

Then came Tribal Council, featuring a major Brad Culpepper quote in addition to a huge blindside. Here’s what all of the former players had to say then, and as Andrea as made the 13th person voted out on Survivor Game Changers.

Meanwhile, Figgy just wanted someone to play a freakin’ idol, for once.

Trying to figure out how to get Sarah’s influence to dwindle after she entrusted her with her vote-steal advantage, though, Cirie planned to turn it on her and steal her vote. Former players loved the long-term outlook and Cirie’s ability to strategize.

When Cirie tried to use Sarah’s advantage against her, though, it backfired as the advantage is non-transferrable. As such, it was given back to Sarah and used on Tai instead.

After the wild shake-up with the advantage, though, no one still knew who was going home. As it turns out, it was another shocker as Michaela was booted from Survivor Game Changers.

Now we’re down to six players with only the two-hour finale remaining for next week. Suffice it to say that plenty other former castaways will chime in with something to say about the finish.