Rumor: These 13 people may be on the Survivor Season 35 cast

Survivor logo - (Photo Credit:: CBS)
Survivor logo - (Photo Credit:: CBS) /

A report has indicated 13 possible players of the 18 total players set to play in Survivor Season 35, providing hints at what’s in store for the game.

Survivor Season 35, based on the number of days past since the first leaked photo was posted online, has wrapped up filming, with Jeff Probst heading back to the US in time for the Survivor Game Changers season finale and reunion show next week. This means the players are returning home, letting super sneaks and expert detectives start to figure out just who will be playing ahead of the official reveal later this year.

Inside Survivor (with the help of @1elevenpaul on Twitter) has revealed what they believe to be 13 people on the 18-player Survivor Season 35 cast, and by first glances, a few possible season ideas have immediately emerged.

Here are the names, ages, hometowns and occupations for the Survivor Season 35 cast so far:

  • Patrick Bolton: 24, Auburn, AL – Mover
  • Alexandrea “Ali” Elliott: 24, Hollywood, CA – Personal Assistant
  • Katrina Radke Gerry: 46, Excelsior, MN – Sports Psychologist/Therapist
  • John Paul Hilsabeck: 28, Huntington Beach, CA – Firefighter
  • Jessica Johnston: 27, Louisville, KY – Nurse Practitioner
  • Roark Luskin: 27, Santa Monica, CA – Graduate Student
  • Joe Mann: 35, Hartford, CT – Unknown
  • Cole Medders: 24, St. George, UT – Wilderness Field Instructor
  • Simone Nguyen: 25, New York, NY – Program Associate
  • Ashley Nolan: 26, Satellite Beach, FL – Lifeguard Captain
  • Devon Pinto: 24, Rohnert Park, CA – Brand Ambassador
  • Lauren Rimmer: 35, Newport, NC – Unknown
  • Desiree “Desi” Williams: 27, Newport News, VA – Physical Therapist/Professor

First impressions of this Survivor Season 35 cast; no matter the age, this is one of the most attractive groups of players I’ve seen in a while. It may even surpass that of Millennials vs. Gen X, which is something important to note; 10 of the 13 rumored revealed castaways are 28 years of age or younger.

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Based on age, hometowns and jobs, there are several possibilities for the theme of Survivor Season 35. The best bet, based on what we know, is another type of three-tribe division based on an affiliation. My prediction is some kind of affiliation between Pink, Blue, White or No Collar, depending on how the tribes are set.

Another possibility is division based on the different parts of America. There could be a split of tribes between East Coast, West Coast and Middle America, presenting a gameplay theme possibility that plays on pride from where you come from. That kind of fits in the perspective that Survivor hasn’t done yet.

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With four men and one woman from Survivor Season 35 yet to be revealed, it’s hard to nail down exactly what’s in store for the season. It doesn’t hurt to provide some guesses, though!