Survivor Game Changers: Each player’s big game-changing moment

Photo: Robert Voets, CBS Entertainment
Photo: Robert Voets, CBS Entertainment /
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Survivor Game Changers was always envisioned as a season filled with adaptive players. Here are the biggest moves from each of the 20 players.

Survivor is such a tough game. You need to be at your physical, mental and emotional best if you are to outwit, outplay and outlast the competition. Throw in 19 other seasoned players, a ton of advantages, rule changes and a couple of former winners, and you have one of the most dynamic seasons of the show in Survivor Game Changers.

It took a varied sequence of events on the way to finding a winner, with many players leaving their mark on the game by making big moves. Many of them were to the player’s benefit; many others served different players or straight-up backfired on them. One of them went on to not only tank another player’s chances of winning but was personal. Here are each players’ game-changing moments.

Survivor Game Changers Ciera Eastin
Robert Voets, CBS Entertainment /

Ciera Eastin – Playing too hard, too early

I’m really bummed we didn’t get to see much of Ciera Eastin in Survivor Game Changers. She even got to repeat one of her former seasons’ challenges, although she failed to properly create a ship’s steering wheel in the puzzle portion for the second time.

Right out the gate, she was trying to break up the power duo of Caleb Reynolds and Tony Vlachos. She was thought of as a strategic threat who was playing too hard, too early. As we all know now, though, it was code for “we need to find a reason to vote someone out, so let’s just get rid of a weak player who failed at the challenge.”

Oddly enough, Tony Vlachos and Caleb Reynolds were voted out, in sequence, after her suggestion. How about that?