Survivor Ghost Island logo accidentally leaked

We heard about the name of Survivor Season 36, Survivor Ghost Island, but now we have visual confirmation about what the season’s logo will look like.

Thankfully, when it comes to Survivor leaks, most of the time the big rumor sites like Inside Survivor provide information about the details surrounding upcoming seasons, not their boot list. That’s how we got to learn about Season 36, Survivor Ghost Island, in the first place, as well as the original pitch for how the season was supposed to work years ago.

The one thing we were missing, however, was the logo. With a name like Survivor Ghost Island, one would wonder just exactly how ghosts or paranormal activities would be worked into the design of the logo.

A picture of the Survivor Ghost Island logo was posted on Instagram. The Survivor font was in dark navy blue and the “Ghost Island” was in reddish orange, with the night casting a purple sky and a moon highlighting two small mountains, two palm trees and the Survivor silhouette creating a makeshift skull logo. Update: The Instagram post was removed, but someone has uploaded a backup on Imgur.

There are certainly shades of Survivor Panama – Exile Island in this logo, although this skull doesn’t seem to be etched into the side of the island; it appears to be formed out of the island environment. These benches might even be part of a challenge, with one of the Moai-like heads from the logo representing a full statue on the left of the image.

Who knows if we’ll see more Maoi heads as part of the Tribal Council set, serving as torches or lighting to set the scene. We’ll know for sure closer to the end of the year when we get our first official confirmation and look into Survivor Ghost Island from CBS themselves.