Survivor fans in Canada may soon enjoy CBS All Access


Soon, those in Canada may be able to stream Survivor content without a cable package or over-the-air satellite receiver with CBS All Access.

One of the biggest issues being a Canadian Survivor fan is getting legal access to past seasons. Right now, the best option is to go onto (or a similar digital storefront) and purchase classic seasons as DVD collections. The problem with this, however, is that production runs have been capped off and costs are high to collect those older seasons.

Thankfully, CBS will be making some changes to their All Access platform that could make it easier to watch Survivor in Canada.

As reported in Variety, CBS is looking to expand CBS All Access to Canada and international markets by next year. Depending on the timeline (hoping that the “international” aspects come after getting Canada first), Canadian fans may be able to stream Survivor Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers in time for its September 27 debut.

Currently, Canadians who want to watch Survivor do have Global TV as an online option, but it only provides preseason snippets from ET Canada coverage and full episodes the morning after the episode airs. CBS All Access could allow Canadians to watch extra coverage online, including streaming the episode live as it happens and bonus features.

Some of these Survivor extras in CBS All Access include “Day After” interviews with eliminated contestants, additional confessionals, secret scenes, interviews with the growing jury members and Ponderosa videos (once the jury stage begins). For hardcore fans of the show, these extras provide a great introspective into Survivor castaways in and out of the game, helping nurture a better appreciation and understanding of the players.

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As fellow Canadians know very well, we often get the short end of the stick when it comes to digital offerings of American television products. Getting a non-watered-down CBS All Access could be the breath of fresh air we need before going back to wondering why we don’t have our own version of the show.