Survivor season 35 episode 13 promo gives a reverse-spoiler

By making things so overtly about one idea, the Survivor season 35 episode 13 promo suggests the exact opposite based on the clues we have already.

Warning: The speculation surrounding Survivor season 35 episode 13 may be a bit too on the nose concerning potential spoilers surrounding the penultimate week’s episode.

It’s hard enough to market Survivor through commercials after 35 seasons. The dedicated fans will continue to watch each and every week as soon as they possibly can, so later episodes will focus on trying to draw fans who stopped following back in. This Survivor promo does a good job at doing the latter, but for those dedicated fans, it’s easy to piece together what happens next.

The Survivor season 35 episode 13 promo is in for “The Survivor Devil,” and not only does it name who the devil is, but brings an unprecedented focus to his existence that it becomes a bit overbearing. Devon is the one who says that Ben is the Survivor Devil, with the narrator focusing on the Marine being the target for this week’s elimination.

Ben asks Mike “Who’s going next” in this promo, with Mike retorting, “Besides you?” The cards have been exposed and laid bare on the table since the most recent Tribal Council, as everybody wants to get Ben out as soon as possible. Chrissy says “everybody wants Ben out of the game” in a confessional, as the promo insists Ben has “no allies” left.

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As soon as the line “one impossible mission” splashed across the scene, it was hard not to get flashbacks to Johnathan Penner’s miraculous Immunity Challenge win in Survivor Philippines against all odds. Pair that with Chrissy’s uncharacteristic “I want to send home Ashley” passage from last week’s “Next Time On” preview, it’s hard not to see Ben winning Individual Immunity and having to change targets.

I give CBS editors their credit; it looked like Ashley was a misleading edit within the confines of their preview. However, the marketing team is a wholly different animal, and continuing to build upon their strong ratings is a number one goal at all costs. Who knows; it’s entirely possible that Ashley is a bigger threat then Ben to the other four players involved.

A scant chance, but it’s possible.