Survivor season 35 finale Ponderosa: Mike reunites the Coco-Nuts


Falling just short of consideration for a million-dollar prize, Survivor season 35’s Mike Zahalsky reaches Ponderosa excited to see his fellow Healers.

When he was voted out in fifth place, Mike Zahalsky felt bummed that he came so close to victory, lamenting that if he made it to the Final Tribal Council, he was going to win. Still, as a superfan of the show, he knew that making it to Night 37 is a monumental plateau to reach, accepting his fate as he heads toward Survivor Ponderosa with his head held high.

As a superfan, he knew what was coming next; a meeting with Dr. Joe. From doctor to doctor, both knew the proper procedures for weighing themselves and measuring in kilograms (something near and dear to my Canadian heart), with Mike nailing down his exact weight of 145 pounds (down 17 from the start).

Another great trend continuing on in Survivor season 35 is playing making Ponderosa and playing it cool and not hating each other. Despite turning on Ashley and following her out the door of the game, they both met with a warm embrace as Cole screamed out the front door to great him wearing just his underwear. A great visual for those inclined to see it, but Mike was too affixed with looking upon his “Caveman” appearance.

If Mike Zahalsky’s Survivor Ponderosa experience was about anything, the focus came down to the reunion of the Coco-Nuts. Even though Joe started out painting a target on Mike from Day 1 on the Healers beach, the peace and tranquility that came with winning the first Immunity Challenge as a tribe united them together. Sure, Joe wanted Mike as a target so that Joe could look for an idol, but the two bonded together over their age and status in the tribe.

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While I’m sure Mike didn’t want to have a Ponderosa video at all, it’s fair to say that he was certainly in a better mood than I think many of us would be in if we were put in the same scenario. To come so close to a life-changing check must be frustrating, but Mike met the truth with a smile on his face.