Survivor Ghost Island: Breakdown of props from past seasons

jamesn00b on Reddit (Screengrab via CBS)
jamesn00b on Reddit (Screengrab via CBS) /

While it will be a few weeks before we see or hear of any new coverage from Survivor Ghost Island, one fan has broken down what we’ve seen already.

There’s not much we know about Survivor Ghost Island at this point with the exception of its outline. From what we’ve seen in the official promo, 20 players will be competing in a season that reflects upon the mistakes and misplays of others from Survivor history. As such, the preview video showed off a ton of props hunted down from past seasons, with CBS buying them back from those who originally bought them through their respective charity auctions.

While some of the tokens are iconic and easily noticeable on first sight (James Clement’s two Hidden Immunity Idols from Survivor China and Jason Siska’s F—ing Stick come to mind) some of them require further examination to confirm what they are. Thankfully, one faithful fan on the Survivor subreddit, jamesn00b, has broken down a good majority of the ones visible throughout the promo.

Pieces of Survivor history span throughout the show’s run, although it is understandably harder to find items from people who bought them a decade and a half ago. Torch snuffers range from as recent as Game Changers and Millennials vs. Gen X and span back as far as Thailand, the fifth season of the show.

Survivor Ghost Island speculation torch snuffers
jamesn00b on Reddit (Screengrab via CBS) /

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Some of the items are still unidentified, and there are a ton of idols and necklaces from seasons you wouldn’t expect. The fact that CBS acknowledged Guatemala, Gabon or One World at all is quite remarkable in of itself, giving us an opportunity to dream that a newbie from Guatemala will ever make it to the show post-Ghost Island.

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Of course, with Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers‘ Secret Advantage for Lauren Rimmer’s extra vote in play, we’ll have to see if the Ghost Island players will actually notice that all the votes aren’t counted this time around!