Report: Survivor season 37 and 38 won’t feature returning players


You wanted newbie seasons of Survivor? You’re gonna get quite a few newbie seasons in a row if a reliable insider is to be believed.

Despite the overwhelming support for all-new players in Survivor, it’s hard not to admit that some of the best seasons the show has produced have featured some, or all, players in the cast as returnees. Heroes vs. Villains, Fans vs. Favorites, Second Chances; each of these seasons features players that have something to prove to their fans, showing that they came ready to play and equipped with some big moves up their sleeves.

Still, for all of the uneven play that comes with newbie seasons, there’s a sense of rawness and the unknown. Players like Michael Yerger from Ghost Island have proven that even after 36 seasons of the show being on the air, there are new and fascinating ways to play the game, including fun new ways to lie about idol powers. There’s a give and take; create a library of new players that you can ask back.

To those looking for an even larger collection of newbies that Survivor can pluck returnees out of, you’re in luck. According to the reliable insider Martin Holmes, the next two seasons of the show, season 37 and 38 (airing later this Fall and Spring 2019) will not feature returnees.

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As he notes, this is the first time since Panama – Exile Island, Cook Islands, Fiji and China that Survivor has featured four seasons in a row of newbie-only seasons. That’s right; it’s been a decade since that feat has occurred, showing that casting has (hopefully) found a great group of players and even more fascinating stories to tell.

Those season 39 and 40 seasons of Survivor are special due to the themes of the show. The 39 days on the island ties in well with season 39, which makes me think that could be another Second Chances-type season where 39 players are available for public voting. On the other hand, season 40 would be the 20th anniversary of the show, making it the perfect time to bring 16-20 winners back and do an all-winners or all-legends season.

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The possibilities are endless, which speaks to the magic of Survivor after close to two decades of being on the air.