Survivor: Monica and Brad Culpepper’s son, Rex, diagnosed with cancer

The son of Survivor castaways Monica and Brad Culpepper, Rex Culpepper, has undergone surgery after being diagnosed with testicular cancer.

When the Survivor world was introduced to Brad Culpepper, it’s fair to say that he was given a bad shake by the edit. It was clear that he did not act as maliciously as the editors wanted to make him out to be a villain. On the contrary; he was so dedicated to his family in Monica that he briefly thought of deferring his team needs on her behalf. During his Game Changers run, the love of his family and how much they mean to him shone through.

It is with that mindset that I must regrettably pass on some unfortunate news from the Culpepper family. Yahoo Sports reports that Syracuse QB (Brad and Monica’s son) Rex Culpepper has been diagnosed with testicular cancer. He revealed the news himself on Instagram in a screenshot of a phone memo, revealing that he has undergone surgery on March 19 and that his cancer has spread to lymph nodes in his abdomen.

Thankfully, his particular cancer is considered “very treatable,” with Rex Culpepper set to “undergo an extensive 10-week chemotherapy cycle.” In the note, he expresses thanks to those who have reached out and notes how thankful he is for his friends, teammates and, most importantly, his family.

Brad and Monica Culpepper aren’t active on social media, but they should remain near and dear to the hearts of the Survivor community. They may be divisive as players on the show, but outside of it, they are some of the kindest, most genuine people to ever grace reality television (according to those who know the family).

Our hearts go out to Rex, Brad, Monica and the rest of the Culpepper family. We at Surviving Tribal and the rest of the Survivor community would like to express our deepest sympathies and hope for a quick and full recovery.