Report: Survivor season 37 cast dump includes 14 of 20 players


Martin Holmes is back at it again, reporting a modest 14 out of 20 players allegedly coming to Survivor season 37. Speculate away!

With 39 days of filming in Fiji recently wrapping up in Fiji, the Survivor spoiler community has gotten to work. This year is a bit different, as outside sources have been reporting on players before the season even started (one of the Florida Hot Cops comes to mind). As such, the players have been a lot more mindful of their social media habits leading up to this season.

It’s made it a lot harder of a job for Martin Holmes of Inside Survivor to do his thing, but that hasn’t prevented him from posting 70% of Survivor season 37’s cast on his website, revealing all but three men and three women that are set to play this season. He has dug deep by providing photos of the players, so definitely check out his stuff and support his work.

It’s hard to glean a season theme based on the casting, but there are certainly a number of castaways with jobs that are either team-oriented and individualist. An MMA fighter, pro wrestler, vlogger and student working for themselves might be up against a SWAT officer, public defender, writer and physician; a group of people whose work helps others.

Though that’s a silly speculation, it’s in the same vein as Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers; a season that saw an actuary described as a hero. There are three men and three women who have yet to be revealed at all, and there are two players with partial information at best, meaning it’s still up in the air. Plus, Ghost Island cast players as they were for the first time since Samoa; perhaps CBS did it again this year.

Here are the 14 reportedly confirmed players expected to compete in Survivor season 37 (information subject to change):

  • Natalia Azoqa: 26, Irvine, CA, Industrial Engineer
  • Carl Boudreaux: (No age provided), Sulphur, LA, Trail Ride Instructor
  • Jeremy Crawford: 40, New York, NY, (no job provided)
  • John Hennigan: 38, Los Angeles, CA, Pro Wrestler
  • Kara Kay: 30, San Diego, CA, Realtor
  • Angelina Keeley: 28, San Clemente, CA, Financial Consultant
  • Alec Merlino: 24, San Clemente, CA, Bartender
  • Bi Nguyen: 28, Oakland, CA, Pro MMA Fighter
  • Gabriela Pascuzzi: 25, Denver, CO, Writer
  • Jessica Peet: 19, Lakeland, FL, Student
  • Alison Raybould: 28, Chapel Hill, NC, Physician
  • Daniel Rengering: 27, Gainsville, FL, SWAT Officer
  • Davie Rickenbacker: 29, Atlanta, GA, Health Specialist
  • Nick Wilson: 27, Williamsburg, KY, Public Defender

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What are your theories about this cast? Do you think there’s a theme, or are you waiting out for more information? As always, check out the photos of the castaways at Inside Survivor, as Martin and Paul B. deserve credit for their efforts.