Survivor winners play poker, talk survival strategies

Poker Night in America
Poker Night in America /

Four of the biggest Survivor winners and personalities came together to play low-stakes poker and talk inside baseball on behind-the-scenes moments.

A few weeks ago, we had reported that Survivor winners Boston Rob Mariano, Kim Spradlin, Jeremy Collins and Tyson Apostol were coming together to compete in a low-stakes (with actual low monetary stakes, as well) poker tournament on the television show Poker Night in America. While it aired that night on CBS Sports, those without a premium cable access / U.S. citizenship couldn’t watch live.

Thankfully, the edited episode is now live on the YouTube channel as season 1, episode 10 of Poker Night Live! Even if you’re not interested in the beautiful sport of poker (I’ll fight you on this classification), it does look at the Survivor winners in as natural a light as possible, as they are well fed and not trying to stay alive on an island while on television this time.

More importantly for core Survivor fans, these players are actually talking about the show at times, including the historic tie in Survivor Ghost Island, who should have won the season and more. Rarely do you get to see the player community openly talk about their feelings on the show, and you get to see that during the ~90 minutes of airtime dedicated to the episode.

As a fan of Heroes vs. Villains, seeing Boston Rob and Tyson chum it up again is great, especially as they walk down memory lane in Tyson’s bad move to get himself and, eventually, Boston Rob voted out of the game. They even reveal how they stole kerosene from the production crew and brought it back to camp until production discovered how to prevent it!

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The poker play from those not named Kim Spradlin and the one legit poker player at the table (he still wants to audition for the show) is sloppy, but the banter and entertainment is top tier. You should definitely check out the full episode above.