Survivor Ghost Island: Should Chris Noble return?

Photo: Robert Voets/CBS Entertainment ©2018 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved.
Photo: Robert Voets/CBS Entertainment ©2018 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved. /

One of the most self-assured players in recent history, Survivor Ghost Island’s Chris Noble left a mark on the game. Should he return in the future?

From Day 1, Chris Noble made his presence known in Survivor Ghost Island. He gladly accepted the role of tribe captain in the opening minutes of the show, taking on the risks and rewards that come with it. He decided to cut losses during the opening challenge, and he decided that anybody who spoke against him was first on the list of targets. Dom just so happened to raise an objection.

That little opening act set up half of the season, as the overarching first-half storyline focused on the battle between Dom vs. Chris. The latter gathered troops, while Dom worked his way into the Naviti fold from the outside alongside Wendell and Bradley. An important distinction between the two; Chris was cocky as hell, even if he backed it up in tribal challenges.

Chris never made it to Tribal Council until the merge due to his baseball-tossing skills and general athleticism. He knew he was physically better than most, and carried himself accordingly. Whether it was rapping all day around camp, talking about his “secret” life as a model or broing down with all the dudes, he felt untouchable.

Still, when he visited Ghost Island and Angela was almost voted out during his stay, it reiterated how much he needed to approach others and build up a team. The only problem with this social strategy? He just managed to annoy mostly everyone in the process, being kept around only because his tribes lost Immunity just once.

This unfounded confidence boiled over at the merge, as even though Dom and Wendell wanted to bury the hatchet for just one vote, Chris was non-committal. The Survivor Ghost Island proxy war story reached a boiling point, as moment after moment we saw the two take swipes at each other in confessionals and plot with others to take one another out on the beach.

His confidence led to his downfall. After sneaking back to Ghost Island to double or nothing on a series of Hidden Immunity Idol rounds, he eventually lost his ability to vote. Despite this and grabbing everyone but Dom and Wendell in trying to vote Dom out, he managed to neither vote and convinced himself not to play his Hidden Immunity Idol, going down in a blaze of glory befitting J.T.’s idol.

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Chris Noble was a fun, quirky character that played more into the “God’s gift to all” reality contestant archetype. Vote in our straw poll to determine whether or not he should return in a future season of Survivor.