Survivor Ghost Island: Should Jenna Bowman return?

Photo: Robert Voets/CBS Entertainment ©2018 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved.
Photo: Robert Voets/CBS Entertainment ©2018 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved. /

Jenna Bowman of Survivor Ghost Island is one half of Tarzan and Jen on Instagram. Should her social media influence bring her back in the future?

Survivor is all about who you know and how much you trust them. Jenna Bowman could have easily been voted out in 20th place instead of her 10th-place finish, as she was one of the voting targets in the very first Tribal Councils of Survivor Ghost Island. However, her relationship with Stephanie out the gate allowed the target to shift to Gonzalez, who took that last place spot.

Even though they didn’t get much screen time together as a couple, one of Jenna’s first breakout moments on the show that didn’t involve her and Stephanie Johnson running around on an idol hunt was when she latched onto Sebastian Noel. She talked in pre-game about using her charms to stay safe, and Sea Bass shifted the vote away from her and onto Stephanie.

The rest of her journey saw Jenna sitting in the middle of the action, laying low and offering low-key snark whenever possible. Her dislike for all things Bradley helped define her character, one that mostly stayed out of controversy and out of the glaring eye of the Sauron-like “Naviti Strong” beam of destruction.

Though she didn’t make that much of a splash in Survivor Ghost Island, that’s not to say she didn’t make history. Her boot episode showed her willingness to survive at all costs, even if it meant digging a hole for original Malolo tribemate Donathan. Her sass in confessionals came out, but her karmic justice saw that not only did she go to the jury in a split-tribe scenario, but she immediately sat down with them before going to Ponderosa.

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Nobody else had really had to undergo the shock of defeat and immediately exit gameplay mode and enter jury mode, making Jenna Bowman a small part of Survivor history. Vote here in our straw poll to decide whether or not you think she should return in a future season of the show.