Survivor’s Ashley Nolan is now teaching kids to surf

Robert Voets / CBS
Robert Voets / CBS /

Some enter Survivor with other passions outside of the game, and Ashley Nolan has taken the opportunity post-show to establish a surfing school of her own.

One thing that disappointed me about the way Survivor Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers was titled was the fact that there is some carry-over dynamics for each of those labels. Some Healers are Heroes, some Heroes have Hustler traits, and some Hustlers can have traits of the other two groups. Ashley Nolan was on the Heroes tribe but has hustled her moment on television to start a new venture.

The Melbourne Beachsider newspaper dedicated a huge portion of the front page of their latest weekly issue to catching up with Ashley, who has opened up the Ashley Nolan Surf School dedicated to teaching those five years of age and older how to surf and stay safe in open bodies of water.

Many people leverage their success or notoriety on reality television and try to make it big in California. There have been countless people on Survivor or Big Brother who have tried to spin things around and make a name for themselves in television or film, but Ashley Nolan thought better of her first thoughts and decided to stay loyal to her home in Satellite Beach, FL.

Serving as a “where are they now” piece, it’s still an interesting read to see the mindset of Ashley Nolan as she offers up a school to teach kids about something she’s passionate about. There’s even a moving story within the piece about a child in a foster home who practically sees her as a mother role, tugging at the heartstrings of even the coldest of people.

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After seeing Wendell Holland in his element in Philadelphia, it’s always great to see the players of Survivor being true to themselves, not the characters they play (and are portrayed) on television.