Survivor winner Adam Klein recaps latest Survivor Maryland episode

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Doing what he’s been since before appearing on CBS, Millennials vs. Gen X winner Adam Klein helps recap Survivor: Maryland All-Stars episode 14.

Spoiler warning: The video below will discuss the events of Survivor: Maryland All-Stars episode 14 in a live recap format. Do not watch if you have not seen the most recent episode.

We’re nearing the end of Survivor Maryland All-Stars, and it’s been a wild ride. Players that started out as tribal liabilities are becoming clear threats to win the game, and the partner twist has produced some intriguing gameplay that would likely help break up pre-game alliances for returnee seasons.

Slowly but surely, the Survivor community at large is waking up to just how fun the fan-made season has been. However, one winner from the CBS show has been watching along since the first full season of the college-based competition show; Adam Klein from Millennials vs. Gen X. It’s long been reported that he was a superfan of the show before making it on television, and since winning his season he’s been on fan panels and post-show recap videos all over.

However, it was completely a surprise for most of the Survivor: Maryland All-Stars episode 14 recap panel that Adam Klein would turn on his laptop, plug in some headset earbuds and talk about the latest exciting episode with host Austin Trupp and the gang.

What makes Adam Klein’s involvement with the panel is that appreciation is a two-way street. He’s clearly a fan of what the fan season has done, and even defends his own mistakes within Millennials vs. Gen X as those done after players like Micah made with telling people about his idol.

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There’s a lot more I would like to say about his analysis and content within the recap panel, but it would discuss too much about a Final Seven boot episode so close to the end of the season. If you’re planning on rewatching an old season of the CBS show during the offseason, do yourself a favor and start from Survivor: Maryland All-Stars episode 1 and enjoy some of the best American-made gameplay in recent memory.