Survivor season rankings: All Survivor seasons, ranked

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Jeff Probst black and white Survivor Winners at War

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After a year off due to the COVID-19 pandemic, two new seasons of Survivor aired that gave the show an entirely new look.

When the finale for Survivor: Winners at War aired in May of 2020, fans were unsure if we’d ever get to see a new season of the show again. It was off the air for a year due to the COVID-19 pandemic but returned in the fall of 2021 after over a year of being off the air.

Rather than give the new seasons a corny angle like “Heroes vs Healers vs Hustlers” or “Game Changers”, the show opted to simply just be known as “Survivor 41” and “Survivor 42”. Both seasons allowed us to see more of what went on behind the scenes and also gave us some new twists, some of which fans liked and some that fans weren’t crazy about.

With all of that in mind, it’s been awhile since our season rankings have been updated but both Survivor 41 and Survivor 42 are included in these rankings! Where will they end up in our all-time rankings?

Warning: This list contains spoilers included in the discussion of our Survivor season rankings. As always, you should bookmark this page to keep up with our rankings, as we will update this list as the next season airs on television.

(Introduction page written by Leigh Oleszczak)

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