Survivor’s Brenda Lowe will appear in Deal or No Deal

“Is that show still on” is no longer a question just for Survivor, as a new season of Deal or No Deal returns this December with Brenda Lowe as a case model.

For some, reality television is a stepping stone for further opportunities in the television and film industry. Look no further than commercial-constant Woo Hwang, who has been seen in commercials for everything from Apple to AT&T. Brenda Lowe of Survivor Nicaragua and Caramoan is in the same boat, but her path has led her to another game show.

Howie Mandel took to Twitter yesterday to announce that an all-new season of Deal or No Deal will premiere on December 5 on CNBC. In all the excitement surrounding former case model Meghan Markle joining the royal family, it seems like the show will receive its first season since 2010.

In introducing the show’s re-launch date, he introduced three of the models, including Brenda Lowe herself. She’s seen holding case no. 12 in this video in order to relay part of the release date for the newest season, so it’s unconfirmed whether or not she will hold that case going forward into the season.

Brenda Lowe is not nearly the first player from Survivor to compete in the reality competition and be involved with game shows. Before he made it out to Borneo, Jeff Probst was the host of Rock & Roll Jeopardy!, running a music-themed trivia show for four seasons and more than 100 episodes.

Survivor players also congregated on a special episode of The Price Is Right, where regular contestants were joined by the island alum in an attempt to win prizes. Furthermore, two teams of two from our favorite reality show faced off against two teams from Big Brother in the premiere episode of Candy Crush; a game show that lasted nine episodes before being canceled.