Survivor’s Jaclyn Misch was asked to play in Game Changers

Filling in the backstory of the weirdest all-star type of season in Survivor, Jaclyn Misch reveals that she was asked to compete in Game Changers.

There are many rumors surrounding the creation of the Survivor Game Changers cast. Sierra Dawn Thomas was a last minute replacement (she said so herself in preseason press), but it’s reported that Natalie Anderson, winner of San Juan del Sur, was supposed to be there first. There are also rumors that it was supposed to be a “Winners vs. Legends” format, but casting could only get three winners.

One more rumor has been added to the pile, but this time it comes from someone who has no reason to lie about it. Reddit user FFGCCRJ brought up an Instagram picture uploaded by Jaclyn Misch the other day, posting about her husband and San Juan del Sur partner Jon Misch. In the comments, somebody asked her if she’d play on the island again, and she responded with some new information.

“They asked about 2 years ago for All-Stars but I JUST started a new job that week, so I couldn’t,” Jaclyn responded to the commenter, cementing the notion that she was asked to compete in Game Changers. Two years ago could be stretched a bit further for Cambodia, which did bring back first-time returnees, but that was a public voting situation.

Will you accept this rice?🍚#TeamJon

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Furthermore, we already have confirmation in the days leading up to Cambodia that Jon Misch was considered for that season but somebody didn’t check their voicemails for a very long time, leading to them being passed up by casting. At least, that’s what Jaclyn told Jon back in 2015 while the public voting for Second Chances was going on.

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So Jon Misch was on the list for contention to play in Cambodia and Jaclyn was asked to play in Game Changers. Perhaps it’s just a matter of time before either player makes it back to Survivor. Hopefully, neither missed their window.