Survivor: Jeff Probst and casting team offers tips for season 39

Photo: Screen Grab/CBS Entertainment ©2018 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved.
Photo: Screen Grab/CBS Entertainment ©2018 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved. /

If you’ve never sent out a Survivor application before, who better to get advice from than the casting crew, executive producers and host Jeff Probst?

There’s nothing more nervewracking for a Survivor superfan than to send in an application video to casting only to be second-guessing every single decision you made while creating the video. Should you have acted wacky and over the top in order to attract their attention? Should you have told them about that time you spent with the Peace Corps? Should you have used more star wipes?

Thankfully, with Survivor casting season open for business, the decision-makers have released a video offering tips on exactly what the casting team is looking for. Alongside Survivor host Jeff Probst, from left to right, is executive producer Matt Van Wagenen and casting producers and associates Jodi Wincheski, Molly Brescia, Caitlyn Moore and Jesse Tannenbaum. UPDATE: Penni Lane Clifton is also on the casting team, but was not able to appear on camera.

Remember those last five names, prospective castaways, as they are the likeliest people to reach out to you when you send out an application video or see you in person at a casting event. Essentially, the casting team wants you to provide your authentic self without editing tricks or jump cuts in videos sent to their application website.

If you’re the kind of person who jumps out of trees and does sick stunts, you can keep that in the video. However, the casting team is fine with you shooting a video while sitting on the couch with your children, just as long as you present yourself as a genuine character for whatever character type you truly are.

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Interesting tidbit for regular Survivor fans; Jeff Probst mentions filming for Survivor season 39 will happen during March to April. Furthermore, casting usually runs for two seasons at a time, not just for season 39 as they mention. With Russell Hantz mentioning that season 40 will be a “Legends” season, that may look closer to the truth.