Rock legend Dave Navarro wants to compete on Survivor

Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images
Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images /

One of Survivor’s many celebrity fans, Dave Navarro (Jane’s Addiction, Red Hot Chilli Peppers) has thought “very seriously about signing up” for the show.

There have been numerous celebrities who have talked about playing Survivor throughout the years. We’ve pitched our own list of reasonable picks that the show could likely get for Celebrity Survivor season, and it seems like getting a season to work would require major sacrifices to gameplay. One possibility; just bring a celebrity of varying fame onto the show.

Dave Navarro seems to think he would fit the bill, as he lets the TigerBelly podcast viewers know (h/t goingtofinals) that he has seriously contemplated competing on a regular season of Survivor. Speaking to comedian Bobby Lee and Khalyla, Dave does a good job at being ambiguous over whether he’s been asked and contemplated saying yes or trying to get his agent to force himself in a future cast.

Dave also makes it very clear he wouldn’t want to do Celebrity Survivor, but compete with whoever else is a first-time player like him. Proving he’s a legit fan and not someone who simply wants to test their abilities, he points to Lisa Whelchel from Survivor: Philippines saying that she finished second, supporting his claim that he could win as a celebrity among non-celebrities.

Strong language is used in the clip below starting at 44:48 (and throughout).

Interestingly enough, Khalyla mentioned having a “friend” that was one of the last players eliminated from Survivor: The Australian Outback. Logically, that would have to be Elizabeth Hasselbeck (then Filarski), the television personality who debuted on that season and went on to appear on The View for a decade.

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Previously, Courtney Yates of China and Heroes vs. Villains fame said she would only compete on the show again if she played with Dave Navarro on Blood vs. Water 3, to which he was down to do. If people didn’t recognize Blair from Facts of Life, I think Dave can pull it off.