Survivor: David vs. Goliath cast assessment: Jeremy Crawford will put it on the line

Photo: Robert Voets/CBS Entertainment ©2018 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved.
Photo: Robert Voets/CBS Entertainment ©2018 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved. /

Perhaps one of the more well-rounded players in Survivor: David vs. Goliath, Jeremy Crawford will unwittingly try to follow in Wendell’s footsteps.

When Wendell Holland competed (and won) Survivor: Ghost Island last season, I can’t recall a moment where he brought up his past in the legal field. Of course, his ability to weave baskets and other furniture helped fortify his standing there, but the ability to make convincing arguments, read people’s intuitions and deduce logic aided him to victory.

It’s all the right tools to form a winner, and it’s what Jeremy Crawford has as an attorney that will help him try to achieve his million-dollar paycheck and the title of Sole Survivor of David vs. Goliath. His CBS bio reads like someone checking off all the right boxes, too, as Jeremy could be one of the Goliath players fans might root for over a David.

For someone on the privileged tribe to notch “entitlement” as a pet peeve is a great sign, same as wanting to bring photo albums and a friend out with him on the island (oh, and some booze to share, too). He’s also talked about being a fan for some time, which might help endear himself to the fans on his tribe like Mike White, Natalie Cole and others.

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Something that also helps compel people to root for Jeremy is that he wants to win Survivor and earn his money to care for his ailing dad. I know it’s a common theme for players to be thinking of others in their family even when they front a very selfish demeanor (a la Chris Noble last season caring for his mom who has multiple sclerosis), but things like naming Oprah as his inspiration in the way she can relate to others is a good step forward.

Jeff Probst calls him a likable, strong, smart guy that may be caught in being a cunning player, but nothing I’ve seen or read from him suggests he can tip his hand. Perhaps the other shoe will drop if he doesn’t lie about being an attorney, as even accomplished people from all walks of successful life seem to despise every lawyer not working for them. Well, maybe not a public defender.

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He points to Jeremy Collins as the player that best represents him, he believes others trust him and get good reads off of him and he’s willing to make big movez in order to get far in the game. At this point, the only thing I have to wait and see is if he can deliver. All of the bullet points he makes about himself and Probst sees in him make him the perfect player.

He might be set in the prime position in Survivor: David vs. Goliath being on the Goliath tribe. He knows the game well enough, can snuff out other superfans’ tendencies, looks to have all facets of the game under lock and key and he went into this game knowing the early part of a strong player like Wendell’s game (Jeremy left to play a few episodes into Ghost Island airing).

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Their gameplay styles and being people with law backgrounds in a big city, fans of the game, all-around athletic and charming enough personalities might show that Jeremy could be primed to make a long run in David vs. Goliath, if he doesn’t outright win the game. The only thing that may stop him is a new gameplay twist or him tipping his hand too much, too early.