Survivor: Kellyn Bechtold opens up about personal attacks in AMA

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One of the most divisive forces in Survivor: Ghost Island, Kellyn Bechtold answered some Reddit AMA questions about her time on the island.

Something that not enough Survivor fans (or fans of any reality show) understand is that there are differences between contestants as players and as people. While everyone is entitled to their opinion of someone’s gameplay on a game show, it’s an entirely different thing to scour the internet to find someone’s work email to tell them how much you hate them and want them to die.

That’s exactly what Kellyn Bechtold says happened to her, per a revelation in her recent Survivor Reddit AMA, speaking to the depths of depravity humanity will go to seek out somebody they see on television in order to personally hurt people for something that doesn’t affect their lives.

For what it’s worth, the Survivor: Ghost Island player spoke eloquently on what it’s like to be criticized by the online community, saying that it’s okay to be critical about contestants’ gameplay and how their decisions impacted the entertainment of the season. It’s when you make personal attacks to body shame people, bully them with derisive statements or threaten their lives where it goes too far.

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Thankfully, there are more lighthearted questions answered in Kellyn’s Reddit AMA. She clarified why she didn’t vote twice when her extra vote advantage allowed her to, talked about why Desiree was underrated, how people were feeling before voting in the infamous tie, and who was a threat to win if they got to the end and Domenick and Wendell did not.

She also offered up the single best piece of advice I’ve seen a Survivor contestant provide; download every slide puzzle app imaginable, as well as Peak. No matter how strong, flexible or durable you are, you’ll eventually need to solve puzzles to secure safety in the final stretch.

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Whatever questions were thrown at her, Kellyn answered with an air of appreciation for a community that wasn’t necessarily the nicest to her during Survivor: Ghost Island. I would love to see her empathetic superpower in action in a season with more dynamic players.