Survivor: Julie Berry is now a Guinness World Record holder

Screen grab via Kasey Stewart on YouTube
Screen grab via Kasey Stewart on YouTube /

Instead of traveling around the world in 80 days, it took Survivor’s Julie Berry and The Bachelorette’s Kasey Stewart 92 hours for a Guinness World Record.

A common dream that people often aspire to do is travel the world, gain a new perspective and embrace the cultures of our planet. If you could believe it, Survivor used to embrace this mentality before heading off to the retirement home that is Fijian seasons, with the show going to Gabon, Palau, The Tocantins, and even Vanuatu.

That season is when Julie Berry first graced our television screens, and now she’s back out in the world to break records. Alongside The Bachelorette contestant Kasey Stewart (who she had met just once before), the two set out to travel to all seven continents throughout the world to set a new Guinness World Record, finishing in 92:04:19.

This shattered the time to beat of 120 hours, and the duo could have pulled it off a lot earlier were it not for inclement weather in the final destination. The rules; Julie and Kasey had to leave the airport and visit the main city hub of each city they visited on behalf of that continent.

It’s a fascinating journey for Julie and Kasey, starting out in Sydney, Australia, traveling to Dubai, UAE for Asia, then heading to Cairo, Egypt, Frankfurt, Germany, Toronto, Canada, Santiago, Chile, then headed over to a connecting flight to Antarctica’s King George Island from Punta Arenas. The only challenge seemed to be from getting in, out and back for Cairo, with airport staff helping their two-hour layover become completed.

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Though there are some minor travel vlog tropes throughout this video, it is nice to see Julie Berry back out there in the world. She’s understandably barred from competing on Survivor again due to her previous relationship with Jeff Probst, and this Guinness World Record is yet an accomplishment for the Vanuatu contestant.