Survivor David vs. Goliath player comparisons: Natalie Cole

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Television gold Natalie Cole, who has played a massive role in making Survivor: David vs. Goliath brilliant so far, has sadly seen her torched snuffed.

To say Natalie Cole has popped on screen in Survivor: David vs. Goliath would be a massive understatement. She makes every scene she is in so exciting no matter what. This is perhaps the most challenging player comparison yet since Natalie has been such a unique character on the show.

Who she compared herself to: Kim Spradlin

Natalie perhaps compared herself to the most dominant winner of them all. It does not even need to be said that she is nothing like Kim. On screen, we saw Natalie being disliked by almost all of her tribemates at one point. Although some of it may have been played up by the edit, this is the polar opposite of Kim in One World. Kim was loved by basically everyone.

However, when Natalie is comparing them, she does mention that she will make the season far more exciting than anything in One World. I must say that this analysis is absolutely spot-on. Although the outcome of her game was nothing like Kim’s, the enjoyment we got from watching is possibly far greater.

Comparing her to 15th placers

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I am not going to lie; the contenders this week may appear as a decent-sized stretch. I am going to begin with Cao Boi Bui from Survivor: Cook Islands. Regarding their actual games, the only similarities they have is being voted out by members of their original tribe after the swap. The main trait I am comparing for them is how entertaining they were to watch on-screen. Both of them are pre-mergers who almost everyone loves or loves to hate.

Next, I will be comparing her to Brad Culpepper; the Blood vs. Water version, of course. When looking at the pre-merge of this season, everyone was consistently talking about their dismay for Natalie. The same goes for Brad in his season.

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  • Brad was the guy you can point to as the pre-merge villain. Both of them made their seasons so interesting to watch without making a deep run. Natalia and Jeremy had some altercations with Natalie, and the same goes for the Candice and John with Brad. These rivalries were integral to a good pre-merge.

    Lastly, we are going to Cagayan with J’Tia Taylor. Their main difference is that Natalie is a rational game player. Although this is a big discrepancy, there are still plenty of similarities. When you think pre-merge in both of their respective seasons, they both stick out rather easily. J’Tia sticks out far more than Brad in my opinion.

    The vote this week was very questionable by the Goliaths to vote out Natalie, and the same could be said for the Brains in Cagayan. A swap was imminent, and they decided to keep Spencer, who was far more sneaky in comparison to J’Tia. It would have been smarter for the Goliaths to take a loyal Natalie than two unknowns in Lyrsa and Nick.

    The verdict: J’Tia Taylor

    I hope I am not offending all of you Natalie-lovers, but I ask you to look past J’Tia dumping the rice. Cagayan is the greatest season of modern Survivor, and David vs. Goliath is on track to be the best since. You need great pre-merge characters, and these are two of the best ever. I think both should have legitimately stayed in the game longer, while at the same time I guess it is their huge personalities that got them voted out prematurely anyways.

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    This was by far the hardest comparison, and also the hardest by far the hardest player to say goodbye to this season.