Survivor: David vs. Goliath 12th place player comparisons

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In a jaw-dropping Tribal Council and double idol play, John Hennigan exited Survivor: David vs. Goliath after being a serious contender to win.

Who he compared himself to:

In his cast bio, John Hennigan compared himself to Survivor winners Mike Holloway and John Cochran. Coming into the season, I was certainly confused at his Cochran comparison, but after seeing him throughout the season it is an acceptable one. He voiced the insecurities that he has in life while being expected to be “The Mayor of Slamtown”, and despite not getting a huge edit his perspective added a lot to the season.

We did not get to see his individual challenge strengths enough to make a Mike Holloway comparison, so I am actually going to see he was more like Cochran than Mike.

Comparing him to 12th placers:

Last week I struggled with finding people I could compare to Elizabeth, but the contenders this week are far more eligible. I am starting with Survivor Samoa’s Erik Cardona. When looking at Galu, I thought Erik was one of the few players that knew what to do down the stretch. His exit differs from John’s because Erik was obviously taken out by his own members. Just like John, however, I feel like there were errors made by members of the majority, and had they made it past this vote they could have made deep runs.

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Andrew Savage from Survivor Cambodia is my next contender. He was in a strong position in the majority alliance, and this vote changed the complexity of the game as I expect in David vs. Goliath. Savage and John both did nothing wrong but were simply the threatening men the minority elected to write down in case of a correct idol play. The Davids could have been Pagonged if this move does not work, and I feel the same could have been said in Cambodia.

Despite them being precisely opposites in appearance, Libby Vincek from Ghost Island is my final contender. Again, both of them were the victims of idol plays, although Libby’s ally was the one that idoled her out. Both of them brought some real game to the table, which I did not expect from either coming into the season.

The verdict: Andrew Savage

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This might have been my easiest decision yet; there is just so much similarity in their exits from the game. Outside of their differences in sportsmanship, they both were in great positions in the majority before their games were taken from them in shocking fashion.