Survivor: David vs. Goliath 10th place player comparisons

Photo: Screen Grab/CBS Entertainment ©2018 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved.
Photo: Screen Grab/CBS Entertainment ©2018 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved. /

My expectations were very low for Alec coming into the season, but he sure delivered for the entirety of his time on Survivor.

Who he compared himself to: Several players

His Survivor comparisons included Jay, Joe, and Malcolm. All of these guys are variations of the same archetype, which I think Alec fits well into. Alec is probably the most like Jay out of this group. While Malcolm is the best strategically out of the bunch, Alec made a few questionable decisions similarly to Jay.

As a viewer, we did not criticize him too much because him spilling the beans to Christian a couple of episodes ago made for a phenomenal tribal. Alec has the physical ability of a Jay and a Malcolm. They all are strong, but not too strong where you have to get rid of them immediately at the merge like Joe was perceived to be.

Comparing him to 10th placers:

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My first comparison is Vytas from Blood vs. Water. Vytas, similarly to Alec, was one of those guys that you were not sure whether they would be game savvy or not. However, in both cases, they proved that they could make things happen. After the merge, Vytas saw his brother Aras immediately go out, putting Vytas on the bottom before seeing his torch snuffed shortly after. The brochachos are the Aras of the season for David vs. Goliath, as their exits left Alec vulnerable as the biggest challenge threat.

Next, we look at Ciera Eastin, the Survivor: Cambodia version. In Cambodia, Ciera over and over kept telling people that they had to make a move. It seemed like she did not care whether the move was even good for them or not. I see some of this in Alec’s game. Natalia was a questionable vote out, and telling Nick about their plan to send home Christian sent waves into the game.

Alec probably lost the game due to this in reality. One difference between the two is that Ciera was doing this from the bottom when it seemed like Alec was somewhere near the top during his attempts to make moves.

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My final comparison is to Survivor: Game Changers’ Zeke Smith. Here are their cast photos for their respective seasons, I might be overreacting, but they are literally posed in the same position!

Alec Merlino Survivor David vs. Goliath cast photo
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Zeke Smith Survivor Game Changers cast photo
Robert Voets / CBS /

The similarity in their games has little to do with their cast photos though. For both of them, they did not just show a willingness to make a move, but they felt like they had to make a move. Even when they were in good positions, they wanted to mix things up. Their gameplay might have been questionable, but they made things exciting and wanted to avoid a Pagonging at all costs, even if they would have been the benefactors of it.

The verdict: Zeke Smith

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Zeke just edges Ciera for the spot. The difference was that Zeke was in a position of power like Alec, where part of Ciera’s reasoning was to make a move to stay in the game. It also does not hurt that their cast photos are so similar!