Survivor Ponderosa: David vs. Goliath juror no. 6 explains their game

After worrying about how they would have been perceived at the end of the game, Survivor: David vs. Goliath’s sixth juror explains it all at Ponderosa.

Warning: This post will discuss the events of Survivor: David vs. Goliath episode 12 and who arrived at Ponderosa as the sixth member of this season’s jury.

Rarely do Survivor players who are perceived as weak to the jury have the self-awareness required to understand that they exude that kind of perception. Gabby Pascuzzi understood it completely when talking to Kara that Christian’s role is that of an understanding emotional provider, offering up an attentive ear or a shoulder to cry on.

Some will say that the Final Eight is too soon for Gabby to make a move on Christian and take him out, but David vs. Goliath exists in a world where idols are played until Final Five, and you are guaranteed at least a shot to make fire at the Final Four. However sloppily the blindside ended up being was because she required the help of those who also wanted her out of the game, with Mike and Angelina offering two decisive votes that counted after Christian used his idol.

Such is the game of Survivor; taking risks and them either paying off or failing spectacularly. At least she made a shot and got to explain her game, as Gabby Pascuzzi headed to Survivor Ponderosa with the mentality of someone who would shoot their shot and take the L proud that they made a move.

There’s no real highlight of this Ponderosa video, unfortunately, although you do get to see the confident, resigned, introspective Gabby that I wish we saw more of on the show. I would be crying every other day if I went with just a small cup of rice every other day for food and had no energy for a month straight, yet Gabby was able to maintain a cheery disposition after being voted out.

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Other than the Brochachos bringing Gabby in as one of their own, something that has become a running closer for these Ponderosa videos is Elizabeth Olson offering up some mad wisdom in one-on-one chats. She seems like the most introspective, philosophical person on the jury, as she’s able to make a deep connection with everyone as seen in all these Ponderosa videos.

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