Survivor: David vs. Goliath 8th place player comparisons

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Although Gabby Pascuzzi’s time on Survivor has come to an end, she went out swinging in a move that could have paid dividends.

Who she compared herself to:

She compared herself to Aubry, Dawn, and even to Parvati as a joke. She said she was going to potentially cry like Dawn, and she certainly did. However, I think we clearly saw how the game affects you by her emotions. Gabby did not cry after being voted out, so it is evident that the intensity of the game can have emotional effects on players.

She was like an Aubry, although it would be like if Aubry went out at the same time Scott did in Survivor: Kaoh Rong. That move worked, and Aubry made it to the end. It could have been the same story for Gabby. Gabby was not too much like a Parvati but did show that she had serious gameplay.

Comparing her to 8th placers:

I will start with Candice Cody in Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains. Although Candice was on the bottom at the time, she and Gabby both did not want to sit back and accept a losing position in the end. Candice was probably going to finish in 6th had she stayed with the Heroes, but could have made it to the end had her play with Russell worked.

Gabby could have definitely made Final Tribal Council without making this move, but if she never takes Christian out, she would certainly lose. With the Final Four Fire-Making challenge and an idol in his pocket, there was limited time to make this move on him.

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I will follow this up with Deena Bennett from Survivor: The Amazon. She made plans to take out the threatening Alex Bell, but others such as Jenna caught wind of this move. Jenna was the Davie this week, they both did not want to take this threat out, albeit for different reasons. Both of them made moves and had things worked out differently could have easily won it all.

My last comparison is to Andrea Boehlke from Survivor: Game Changers. Andrea was in a power position for the majority of the post-merge and was ready to take out the threatening Brad Culpeper, which would be the last time he would be vulnerable. The tides turned on her, as players like Sarah had Brad in their long-term plans. In comparison to Gabby and without being results-oriented, I think this move did not have to be made now, while Gabby absolutely had to make it.

The verdict: Candice Cody

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Candice just edges out Deena for me, although I could see it either way. While Deena was in the majority like Gabby, Candice’s plan failed for similar reasons to Gabby’s. Jenna was saving Alex because she liked him personally, which is not like Gabby’s situation at all. Gabby and Candice both decided it was time to make their big move, and were unfortunately punished for it.