Survivor David vs. Goliath 7th place player comparisons

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Christian was certainly the best character on this great Survivor season, and it was sad to see him come just short of the finale.

Who he compared himself to:

Christian Hubicki compared himself to Stephen Fishbach before the season started. Both of them are definitely Survivor nerds, and each of them brought a new perspective to the game. While it might seem like there have been a lot of players similar to Stephen, on Tocantins his perspective was unique, and the majority of the nerdy guys have come after his original season. Christian brought a whole new kind of nerd archetype; one that never got old throughout his season-long run.

Comparing him to 7th placers:

My first comparison is to Alex Angarita from Fiji. While Alex does not have the nerdy appeal, he was the big threat who ended up in the minority like Christian. Alex had a chance to have the numbers past the merge, but it never worked out. While Christian gained the numbers, he ended up losing them after the questionable Carl boot. In both cases, they were good players who you knew were going to be voted out at one point.

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Next up is Penner from Survivor: Philippines. While this was Penner’s third time playing, he and Christian were both the most interesting players. Christian always has genuinely funny nerdy things to say, and Penner also was a phenomenal character. After both of their exits, you know the season is going to be missing a key element going forward. One difference in their games themselves is that I would not question Christian’s capabilities as a player but would not say the same for Penner.

My final comparison is to Kellyn from Survivor: Ghost Island. Kellyn was another player you expected to make the finale due to their presence on the season. Similarly to Christian, you knew that the other players were not going to allow them to get to the end. Christian’s role in voting out Carl started the turn in numbers that certainly increased his chances of elimination. For Kellyn, she lost her Naviti girls, which put her on the outs in the end.

The verdict:

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I am going with Kellyn, mainly because my gut feeling about them going into the Final Seven was very similar in both seasons. I thought they were not your winner but were going to take up a spot in the finale due to their heavy visibility all season. Both of these assumptions led to me being surprised at their 7th place boot.