Survivor: David vs. Goliath finale: Can Nick Wilson win the game?

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The master at naming alliances has a real shot at winning Survivor: David vs. Goliath. What does he have to do to ensure his spot at Final Tribal?

If Survivor: David vs. Goliath ended right now, Nick would be up there with Christian and Davie for having the best social and strategic gameplay. He has been likable enough to build good relationships with the Davids and even some Goliath members.

At the same time, Nick hasn’t been afraid to make big moves and take considerable risks; look no further than last episode’s fake idol plan! The question is if Nick’s social bonds and strategic mind will be enough to get him to the Final Three?

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Nick’s chances of making Final Tribal

There are only two more votes until the Final Four’s fire-making challenge. Based on the results of the last vote, the Goliaths and Nick all voted according to Mike’s plan, leaving Davie as the odd man out. It makes sense that Davie would be the next target, as long as he doesn’t have the necklace. If not Alison is next in line, as Mike has made it clear that he wants Alison gone. So if all goes well for Nick, the next two eliminations will be Davie and Alison.

This would leave Nick with a one in four shot at winning Individual Immunity against three castaways who aren’t serious challenge threats by any means. Although Nick has yet to win the necklace, he has performed well at challenges before the merge. If he doesn’t end up winning this Final Four challenge, he most likely will go up against Mike or Kara in fire-making, which should be a win for him.

At this point, the biggest worry for Nick would be if his closest Goliath ally in Mike would flip on him. If Mike sees the value in trying to eliminate this massive David threat before Alison or Davie, then Nick’s season could be cut short. However, Nick has had a very favorable edit, hinting to a castaway who has a strong shot at making it to Day 39.

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Nick’s chances of receiving votes at Final Tribal

If the game were to stop today, even with five other people in the mix, Nick would probably get the most votes. He has played a great social game, so much so that until last Tribal Council, Nick hasn’t been considered as a real threat to try to vote out. His relationships with Davie, Mike and Angelina have protected him from being on the chopping block.

Even with Nick playing a strong strategic game and being willing to take risks with his fake idol plan, he hasn’t been the face of any brutal blindsides or selfish acts. He has demonstrated smart, progressive gameplay to please the strategic-minded jurors, and a genuine, caring side to satisfy the social players.  When you combine these factors together, Nick is really the prototypical winner, similar to J.T. in Survivor: Tocantins.

The only way Nick could lose the votes is if Davie or Alison win the next three immunities and gain momentum heading into Final Tribal. Although anything could happen, seven different people have one Individual Immunity so far, that means no one has won the necklace more than once. With a balanced playing field like this, the odds aren’t likely for someone to go on an immunity run.

Overall Rundown: Nick Wilson is our winner pick and is in the best position out of the other five castaways to become season 37’s Sole Survivor. His strong social relationships have allowed him to deflect the target to other threats like Christian, Davie, and Alison. If he can make it to at least the Final Four, Nick has a great shot at lasting to Day 39 and would be sure to make a convincing case to become the winner of Survivor: David vs. Goliath.

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