Survivor Ponderosa: David vs. Goliath Juror no. 8 brings perspective


Though they had little impact on the Survivor: David vs. Goliath finale, the eighth member of the jury arrived at Ponderosa knowing it was his time.

Warning: This post will discuss the events of the Survivor: David vs. Goliath finale, who won the season and who was sent to Ponderosa as the eighth member of the jury.

When the Survivor: David vs. Goliath finale lineup showed two Davids and four Goliaths, it felt 99% confirmed that either Davie or Nick was going to be voted out before the night’s end. It doesn’t make sense to keep an underdog player on the underdog tribe in front of a jury of people wanting to support an underdog story.

Davie Rickenbacker has been an underdog since he set foot on Fiji, as he arrived for David vs. Goliath with hours to spare before the season began. It meant no pre-game winks or noticing others’ personalities at Ponderosa, although he had the opportunity to do so only after being seen as a threat to win at the Final Six and subsequently voted out.

Being voted out in sixth place is a bit of a hardship, but Davie found peace in the idea that his time was right. Normally, we don’t care or mention weight loss for a variety of reasons, but since it was brought up in the reunion, he did lose 36 pounds; the most out of anyone this season. Still, he came 46 pounds short of Big Tom’s record, but he took the hardships to heart.

As the other jurors jumped out of pots and beanbag chairs as he walked up to Ponderosa, he filled the other jurors in on his perspective in the game and what really went down between him and Christian. It was the next day that he got to develop his communication skills, reflecting with Carl and Elizabeth about the various perceptions of black culture will make it through to the Survivor: David vs. Goliath edit.

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Davie was likely the most likable finalist this season, and it’s because he brought his “blerd” attitude to the game. He was unapologetic for the kind of person he was, and his genuine fun-going attitude brought a rounded personality to the game.