Survivor Ponderosa: David vs. Goliath juror no. 10 keeps the positivity


The final juror of Survivor: David vs. Goliath didn’t let their loss in the fire-making challenge put a damper on their journey.

Warning: This post will discuss the events of the Survivor: David vs. Goliath finale including the identity of the tenth juror and what happens during Final Tribal.

One of the great aspects of this season is that everyone came to play the game. I know that sounds generic and cliche, but Survivor: David vs. Goliath gave us one of the few groups of castaways that weren’t bitter. They respected big moves even when it took them out of the game.

Kara didn’t get blindsided or betrayed, her fate was in her own hands and she blew it. She had every reason to be pissed, but even in her disappointment she kept her positive attitude and she didn’t allow that to affect her comments at Final Tribal.

It’s great to watch players who can understand that it’s a game and have fun with it! In her Ponderosa video, she looked at the bright side of her situation; the fact that she was chosen to make fire because she was a threat to become Sole Survivor.

In her entrance to Ponderosa, the jury members greeted her with a Snickers bar and a cheer led by Alec. It was also interesting to watch the awkward relationship between Kara and Dan play out. He was the last person to hug her and it did appear to be a little forced. She also elaborated on her fire-making efforts.

Apparently, she made five fires at camp when practicing for the challenge. She just happened to freeze up in the moment and it took her quite a while to discover that she was actually using the wrong side of the knife, nicking her fingers in the meantime! In all honesty, even if she did make it through, I don’t think she could match up to Nick.

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Just as in Alison’s case, Kara didn’t receive a lot of attention with the edit, getting very few confessionals after Dan got blindsided. That being said, she proved her worthiness for being in the Final Four and possessed solid, under the radar gameplay for someone who didn’t receive a ton of attention.