Survivor Ponderosa: David vs. Goliath juror no. 9 is still in the game


The ninth member of the Survivor: David vs. Goliath jury couldn’t stop with the gameplay talk even with a burger and a pizza on the way.

Warning: This post will discuss the events of the Survivor: David vs. Goliath finale including the ninth person headed to Ponderosa and Final Tribal.

You could say that this vote off was a long way coming. In five straight Tribal Councils, Alison Raybould received at least one vote, amounting to a total of 13 by her elimination on Day 37. Being viewed as a serious threat to win the jury over and not really having a loyal ally remaining made Alison’s fate inevitable once she lost immunity.

Although this season did a good job at delivering a balanced edit, it was clear that Alison got the short end of the stick. Coming into the finale, Alison had at least 12 fewer confessionals than any of the five other finalists. While she was a little bit of a let down in challenges, Alison was a constant strategist, always looking for an edge.

Even though she only had one immunity win, throughout the season we saw her peaking at other player’s progress more than anyone else, showing her savviness under pressure. That also translated to her gameplay. When she did get a chance to speak at Tribal Council, it was clear that she understood the game well and was a key factor in several votes. That didn’t change in her Ponderosa video!

Out of all the other players’ Ponderosa videos, no one talked more about cold hard gameplay than Alison. It was awesome to hear her explain the events of that day in front of her fellow castaways like Alec, Gabby and Christian who were eager to learn. She spoke about Mike’s hurtful remark at Tribal Council and was genuinely shocked by his reaction as she has never seen that side of him.

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It was also cool to watch Alecson reunite! The edit really didn’t show how close Alec and Alison were, as Ponderosa presented them as inseparable. Alec referred to her as the brains of their alliance, how she would run throw all of the potential scenarios and he would just pretend like he knew them!