Johnny Impact calls on Survivor friends to beat a Machine at Impact Homecoming

Johnny Impact on YouTube
Johnny Impact on YouTube /

Though he competed in Survivor: David vs. Goliath as John Hennigan, Impact Homecoming wrestler Johnny Impact called on island friends to win.

As we came to see on Survivor: David vs. Goliath, John Hennigan, the athletic player, is vastly different from Johnny Nitro Mundo Impact, the wrestler. One is a boastful, rambunctious personality who has things his way or the highway and has the high-skill moves to back up his mouth. The other is a thoughtful, engaging, warm personality that spits insightful knowledge while engaging in Brochacho Blindsides.

However, only one of the two is a champion in their fields, as Johnny Impact is the current Impact World Championship title-holder for Impact Wrestling. This weekend he had to defend his title against Brian “The Machine” Cage, an up-and-coming contender that earned his right to compete for the belt.

As reported by Pro Wrestling Sheet, Impact Homecoming took place as a pay-per-view event in Nashville, TN, located fairly close to recent Survivor: David vs. Goliath winner Nick Wilson’s neck of the woods. That’s why John Hennigan as Johnny Impact brought some friends along to mark the Homecoming occasion, with Nick Wilson and Davie Rickenbacker sitting ringside for the Main Event.

Although he couldn’t be in attendance, “The Professor” and robotics connoisseur Christian Hubicki offered up his expertise to taking down a Machine in a pre-recorded video. Within, Hubicki offers up the equations of such a machine’s motion, tries to quantify what kind of a machine Brian Cage actually is (a forklift and a Roomba are just some possibilities), as we land on a killer move; the Brochacho Blindside!

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As the match got underway, Davie Rickenbacker got a bit too involved in the action, getting shoved by Brian Cage as he was entering the arena as Nick Wilson freaked out in reaction. It seemed like beating up on reality contestants was all he could manage, however, as Johnny Impact brought his high-flying theatrics forward in a thrilling win.

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Team Survivor ended up winning the day, and it seems like this group of Davids helped the Goliath win a Goliath-sized victory for Johnny Impact.