Survivor David vs. Goliath: Best Tribal Councils of the season

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Survivor David vs. Goliath Episode 4 Natalia Azoqa voted out
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Counting down the top five Tribal Councils of Survivor: David vs. Goliath.

Most seasons of Survivor have one or two votes that are memorable. This top ten season had several thrilling Tribal Councils! Even when there were unanimous votes, the comments and drama at Tribal still made it entertaining. The first six Tribal Councils of the season had no idols or advantages played, yet two of them made our top five and two more were in consideration. In fact, the top five begins with the most surprising pre-merge blindside of the season.

5) Alec whispering to Elizabeth to blindside Natalia

This marked the first shocking Tribal Council of David vs. Goliath. After three Davids were eliminated and only one Goliath was out of the game, there was a tribe swap. The two tribes swapped into three tribes of five, with Carl waiting on Exile to see which one he will join.

It so happened that the three newly formed tribes all had one more Goliath member than David. The Davids were ridiculously outnumbered, and it seemed like this season would be a Goliath sweep, but then we saw the first glimpse of the David tribe’s magic. Elizabeth and Davie were able to convince Alec to vote out one of his own.

As a result, during Tribal, Alec whispered in Elizabeth’s ear to vote for Natalia. This commotion caused Natalia to panic even more, but Kara reassured her that she was safe. Next thing you know, Jeff reads the votes and three pieces of parchment had Natalia’s name on them, sending her home in complete disbelief and anger towards Alec. She even told him to shut up and stop smiling when he tried to apologize.

What made this moment even more surprising is that Alec and Natalia appeared to be close back on the Goliath tribe. There was this moment in the first episode where Natalia claimed that she had Alec on her side. At first, this really seemed like an unnecessary blindside, however, Alec proved that he was playing a strong strategic game as opposed to voting with his emotions.