Survivor Maryland New Beginnings premiere passes the torch

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After the end of an era came and went, Survivor Maryland: New Beginnings sees Austin’s vision pass on to a new generation of University of Maryland students.

One of the greatest reality competitions on television today, Survivor has been an inspirational goal for many. Most will never have the chance to compete on the CBS show, but that hasn’t stopped dozens upon dozens of fan versions taking up the task and creating something similar on their own. Sitting above the rest, historically, has to be Survivor Maryland.

Last year, Survivor Maryland: All-Stars saw the end of host and producer Austin Trupp’s five-year journey to creating one of the most entertaining, well-produced fan games available on the internet. Earlier this week, the torch was literally and figuratively passed on to Anders Norberg as the first episode of Survivor Maryland: New Beginnings premiered on YouTube.

The sixth season of this fan version of the popular CBS show, 19 University of Maryland students are set to compete over 79 days of grueling social politics and tribal challenges, as these players will have to fit this intense game of tribal dynamics into their busy college lives. Furthermore, Survivor Maryland pulls no punches, especially with its first twist of the season.

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This fan game has always pushed the envelope when it comes to interesting twists we’d like to see on CBS’ Survivor, and the Day 1 vote-out fake-out was no exception. First impressions are crucial, and Tony’s intentional self-destruction and obvious playing up of the reality TV villain character to 11 out of 10 with his monotone douchey frat bro persona was an obvious tank job from the start.

However, by making him choose the tribes and joining the losing tribe afterward was an interesting push, as it removes the unfairness of school ground popularity contests and its ability to take someone out before they had a chance (Wanda Shirk was robbed, I tell you!). Tony’s insane decision-making behind the process was the cherry on the top.

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I won’t go much further into recapping Survivor Maryland: New Beginnings episode 1, as it’s worth checking out for yourself. A new era of fan games approaches, and with Maryland alums working the cameras and family members of former players competing this season, the social and strategic dynamics are going to get wild.