Survivor Philippines’ Pete Yurkowski AMA reveals what didn’t make the edit

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Several years after appearing in Survivor: Philippines, Pete Yurkowski answered some Reddit AMA questions about him and his fellow castaways.

As a Canadian, I’ve only had the opportunity to meet one Survivor player in my life. I just so happened to be at the Bandai Namco booth at E3 2017 as Gabon’s Ken Hoang was trying out Dragon Ball FighterZ. At the time, he told me that Pete Yurkowski was also at the event to check out World of Warcraft, as he was an avid player.

Since that time, now both players have offered up an Ask Me Anything on the Survivor subreddit, as Pete Yurkowski joined the community recently to answer questions about his time in Survivor Philippines. 

Chief among his questions surrounded his fellow castaway Abi-Maria Gomes, who Pete says could not win in any Final Three scenario, was more tolerable than RC (who never turned it off) and whether there were any great unaired Abi moments that got cut (surprisingly, all the hits were used).

It’s not like Pete was obsessed over one player; it’s just that a lot of people like to ask about her. He also got to reflect more about what he does for leisure these days (streaming on Twitch), what he ate overwhelming amounts of at Ponderosa, why he voted for Denise, and how he would change if he was to compete again in the future.

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I’ve seen many players answer questions in Survivor subreddit AMA format, but I haven’t seen many players answer as many questions over as long a period as Pete has. Whether he’s boosting his fellow tribemates like Artis and Carter, talking about his regrets in the game, tips for getting swole or unaired Penner stories, Pete really was an open book. I hope for his and our sake that he does return in a Second Chances-like season, even if you’re not a fan of returning player seasons.