Survivor: Alison Raybould AMA talks favorite moment, ‘Hi Alison’ reaction

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In a rare turn of events, Alison Raybould was the one to say hello to the Survivor subreddit as she answered a ton of questions from mostly adoring fans.

It’s always fun to see when certain Survivor characters pop up as fan favorites. More interesting is to see who are fan favorites in which communities at what point in the season, as it took until just before the merge before the Survivor subreddit’s obsession with Alison Raybould would take form. Most notably, people still offer a simple wave and a “Hi, Alison” on social media long after David vs. Goliath has ended.

As is a tradition in the offseason, Alison Raybould was approached to provide a community AMA segment where subreddit fans of hers asked her about her game. One of the more touching anecdotes is about how close she was to Alec and how they spoke a coded language so they can maintain their relationship without giving away their day one ride-or-die status.

Among the questions asked by the fandom, some answers were fairly indicative of the fan at heart. For example, though she liked the moment the Idol Nullifier was played, Alison was not a fan of piling more advantages on to fix advantagegedon. She also echoed Gabby Pascuzzi’s incorrect take of hating pineapple on pizzas (a perfectly okay topping in Hawaiian pizza). Alison also gave one of the better, complex answers on if she would return.

When approached about the most misleading edit, Alison gave a long and thoughtful answer about the role of the Survivor: David vs. Goliath edit had on the players, remarking that besides Angelina, most women had one-dimensional archetype edits. She argued that not fitting into a particular box and staying away from the drama could explain why she was the most underrepresented castaway of the season.

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Heading into the game, Alison looked to be the fun doctor who could provide a bit of quirkiness here and there. Though she didn’t get the chance to shine as much as I hope she would, I’m glad to hear that she’s still maintaining her winning presence within the Survivor community, even if we could all do without the “Hi Alison” meme once the next season begins.