Survivor Philippines: Ranking the top 5 castaways of the season

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Survivor Malcolm Freberg
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2) Malcolm Freberg

He was one Immunity Necklace short of a million dollars! After earning an advantage in the previous Reward Challenge, Malcolm was given an extra life in the Final Immunity Challenge of the season. The advantage didn’t help at all, as Malcolm’s shaky hands didn’t allow him to get very far.

We learned during the reunion that this has always been one challenge that Malcolm knew he couldn’t be victorious in. “The Ball Drop” has robbed both Cirie back in Micronesia, and now Malcolm from making Final Tribal and potentially winning the title of Sole Survivor. 

Besides this heartbreaking challenge, Malcolm played a good but not great game. His bond with Denise enabled him to survive despite losing four of six tribe members. He was then able to integrate with the remaining group so much so that he received only two votes throughout the post-merge game, even with Lisa exposing his idol.

What we didn’t see from Malcolm was an ability to influence the vote. Even though he and Denise were able to sneak in with Lisa and Skupin, it was more of a case of other castaways ruining their opportunities to vote with them as opposed to Malcolm doing anything out of the ordinary.