Survivor David vs. Goliath: Should Nick Wilson return?

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The Sole Survivor of David vs. Goliath, should Nick Wilson get the chance to return to the island and become the show’s second two-time winner?

Just getting on Survivor, making it to the island and seeing Jeff Probst on the starting mats at Day 1 means you have a 1/18 or 1/20 shot at winning a million dollars. For most players, that’s a life-changing amount of money. For Nick Wilson, the public defender who reps Kentucky proudly, it meant the world to him.

He played the hardest on the David tribe off the bat, employing Big Brother strategies by making partnerships with as many players as possible. The BB advantage came in naming them, as by putting a name to it the alliance’s merit became that much more tangible. It also allowed him to skid past being a first boot candidate, as he worked himself into an alliance with Elizabeth and Christian en route to performing his first blindside of the season.

Whereas most of the Davids were strategic, Nick was skilled at shifting the target elsewhere. He pivoted the blindside towards Gabby, which allowed him to work with Carl and Davie, the two primary blindsided victims, later down the line. His personable attitude allowed him to play this type of game on Jabeni, as him working with Mike to become the Rockstars gave him credence to take out Natalie.

As the merge arrived, he had a working relationship with most of the Davids and had the ear of Mike driving the strategic conversations of the Goliaths. His outreach with Alec meant getting tipped off that his closest ally, Christian, was the target of the second merge vote, and his bonds with the Davids brought the team and its advantages together to take out the Goliath brochachos one by one.

Once Christian and Gabby took out Carl, Nick reverted back to his Rockstars alliance and lost all trust in Christian going forward. All the advantages he found in the game (Vote Steal, Hidden Immunity Idol) ended up not being necessary, as he made strong bonds and got to the Final Six where he would proceed to win three-straight Immunity Challenge wins, sat beside a millionaire and the self-unaware Angelina in the end and did not receive a vote against him.

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Nick Wilson would go on to win Survivor: David vs. Goliath in a 7-3 vote in a game where he played like he was on gifted time. Vote here in our straw poll and let us know if he should return in a future Survivor season and get the chance to tie Sandra’s record for the most season wins.